Change as a chance
Ther german health system changes. Hospitals do have to face more and more competition with their competitors. The demand for medical competence, highest quality and efficency in every sector is vastly growing. New concepts are transforming chances out of those new demands. Consequently, a modern patient hotel, funded with low investment costs and combined with low running costs brings in aditional service and profitibality for the hospital.

Customer Liability
Cost reduction and increased efficency is not enough to be successful. Moreover, the product has to be more attractive than their competitors and needs to retain customers. Encouraging the mentioned, the patient hotel offers the following:

  • Professional and highly-styled equipment and ambience
  • A new and personalized service-culture and product variety
  • Profitable synergy effects
  • Higher Efficiency
  • New means of income through extended ranges of services, e.g. meetings and catering
  • Immense imagegrowth
  • Advantages in marketing through rising  competitiveness
  • Innovative concepts with supportable investment costs.

The advantages of a (patient) hotel are unique and convincing in every way and for every concerned party:

  • The Patient
    Low care or ambulatory patients experience a better way of privacy, comfort and service. In a patient hotel, highly classified service and safety does come down into the comfort of a three to four star hotel.
  • The hospital
    The absorbed costs for accomodation and fare can be reduced by one third fort the hosptal. Therefore, more hidden advantages can arise as a consequence.
    • The healthcare professionals can focus and concentrate on their core tasks
    • The risk of investment, financing and operation can be clearly calculated in advance
    • New target groups can be aquired – old target groups can be regained
  • The health insurance funds
    Have satisfied clients and participate actively on the reform to reduce long-termed expenses. In addition, the funds dynamicly advance this concept by offering additional services.

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